Thursday, April 28, 2011

♥ Wolf Ruffles

Yep you read that right Wolf Ruffles!  See I have this young woman who is such a sweet friend of mine.  Where she attends school the mascot is a wolf.  Well, not being one to let something go unruffled, I ruffled her a Wolves shirt.  See what ya think of wolf ruffles...

I combined ruffles and freezer paper stenciling to create this shirt for a darling girl.

Here are the supplies:

Naturally, you will want to choose your own colors,
but where my sweet friend attends
the colors are purple and gold. 
Thus our color combo.

First things first, I took the yellow t-shirt and cut it into strips.

Why would I cut up a perfectly good shirt you may ask? 
Because there were a bin of shirts in great condition
at Dollar Tree.  I could not buy my yardage for that!

I cut 1 inch strips and then sewed them all together.

I then set the tension high and the stitch length as high as it would go
and created my ruffles!

I then took a length of freezer paper and ironed it on
the inside front of the purple t-shirt.

I then took a piece of chalk, spelled out WOLVES and
began sewing on my ruffles following the letters.

After this was complete, I decided on a wolf silhouette from the Internet.
I printed it out.  I then laid it down on some freezer paper,
took an X acto knife and cut out the dark areas.

Then I ironed the wolf in place on the outside of the shirt.

Yep, I have a Yudu.  No, I did not feel like burning a screen.
I did however use my Yudu paint.

I painted to wolf stencil yellow and waited for it to dry.

Once dry I heat set the paint with the iron and
waahh  laaahh... Wolf Ruffles!

My precious friend has yet to see her shirt.

I need your opinion before I give it to her....

Do you think she will like it???

Oh me oh my, I hope she does like it!

blessings to you from the barbwired bunch!!


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  1. I somehow missed this darling t-shirt post. I LOVE IT! I bet there will be alot of women wanting to try this.


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