Friday, January 21, 2011

Prayers for you, Prayers from me!

James 5:16 -...pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Today I am thinking of you, hoping and praying you are safe and sound. I may or may not know you or your name,  but if you are visiting here, I am praying for you.  God knows you and he knows the needs of your heart.  I am praying for those needs, wants and deep desires. 

I think the greatest gift we can give each other is prayers.  I have to relate a story when prayers helped me out so very much and convicted me of the power of prayer.  I had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer while I was pregnant with my daughter, Rachel.  I asked them to put off any treatment until after she had arrived safely.  So two weeks after her arrival, in to surgery I went for a full thyroidectomy.  I am not a typically calm person when faced with the unknown.  I had never been in surgery before, did not know what to expect and was very fearful.  A faithful group of Christians met in Oklahoma to pray for me at the same time I was entering surgery in Colorado.  First of all it was early in the morning, secondly they valued me enough to place a blanket of prayers upon me!  I was prepped for surgery and my mind began to wonder and wander.  I was not afraid, I felt such peace.  A peace that surpasseth all understanding, is exactly what was visited upon me.  Beside me was a young girl also being prepped for surgery, she was crying and holding on to those who were with her.  She was so afraid, I felt so sorry for her that she was not experiencing the calm and that I was.  I was alone, I was at peace for what was ahead. I can never thank those who met to pray enough.  So I have thought, I should 'pray it forward.'

Now it is time for you, for me to pray it forward for you. 

Dear Father, Please be with those who visit here today. You, Father, are so aware of their hearts.  Lord, bless each one, give them the things they need. Please, Father God, let them know peace today, let the words they speak be love, let the things they do be for the good, let those who are ill be healed, and may they experience Your love. 
Thank you Father for all of your love toward us. We thank your for your grace and your mercy.  We thank you for salvation, that we may always have hope in a future home with You. 
In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen

Blessing to you today!

I was not able to get a new craft on here today, things are still in process but I do have a picture of a recent craft for you to enjoy ... I hope! 


  1. So...I'm a Follower! Love, love, love your crafts. The subway art was beautiful.

  2. Thank you! So very Happy you are here!! God Bless you!!


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