Wednesday, January 19, 2011


work·horse noun \ˈwərk-ˌhrs\a (1) : a person who performs most of the work of a group task (2) : a hardworking person

This morning when I got up and around, I began doing some laundry.  As I piled more and more clothes into the washer, I had a thought..What if the washer broke? What would I do then?

It started me thinking of all the routine things I do and the things that help me accomplish these tasks. I had been taking for granted those that stand ready for me to use them.  Yep, I have been blessed that none of them have broken down recently to jolt me to the reality of life without them.  Then I thought further of the people that I take for granted in my life.  My human workhorses, always at the ready when I need them. 

Do you have anyone you can rely on to support you or assist you? If so take some time to let them know you notice and appreciate them.  Often times the workhorses of the world plod on, never doing their task for praise, never expecting a 'thank you'. These people would never brag of all they do.  However, let them break down or be absent and the void is obvious. These crucial individuals shouldn't have to jump up and down for us to notice them and their contributions. We have to place value on each workhorse in our life.

Perhaps you are the workhorse in the lives of others. You work without complaint or need for praise, but you deserve it, you need to know your worth.  You are the very thread running through so many lives hold them together, don't forget that.  If someone gives you praise or gratitude, accept it and know that you are valued.

aybe that is not a positive adjective...I wouldn't want to be compared to a horse LOL!) How about, THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE I VALUE AND WHO DESERVE RECOGNITION FOR THEIR SUPPORT AND LOVE FOR ME!  Think about those in your life, thank them.  They will probably avoid any recognition, but they will appreciate the fact that you noticed.



I went to the Goodwill after my doctor's appointment this morning.  I found some fabulous REDOs.  I will post a picture of the sure to check back later for the afters!



b : something that is markedly useful, durable, or dependable

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