Monday, April 18, 2011

Egg Cups

It is always so fun to decorate eggs with the kids.  I remember being so excited after my daughter was born, to be able to look forward to decorating eggs with her.  Her very first Easter was so fun.  She was born in May, so she was almost a year old for her first Easter.   We hid eggs for her in plain sight on the ground.  She wondered the yard confused as to what she needed to do and tripped over eggs along the way! LOL  Even though she is 16 now, we look forward to decorating eggs each year. 

Well, since we spend so much time on those beautiful eggs, we need pretty displays for them.  This year I decided to make flower egg cups from polymer clay.

To begin our project, I conditioned polymer clay in all the colors I wanted. 
I used my pasta machine and rolled the clay to a thin sheet. 

I have a leaf clay cutter and a small circle cutter,
I used these to cut 8 petals and two centers per egg cup. 

At the base of each petal,
I cut a small slit and then over lapped these. 

I began assembling the cups with
a base of four and then four in between those. 

Once the flowers were assembled,
I place a center in the interior and base of the flower. 
 I did this to cover all the connections but also to provide a flat base.

I rolled a thin snake of the green,
wrapped it around the flowers and made a little bow.  
Just prior to baking, I make the petals droop over a bit. 

I then simply baked and they were ready to go!

We haven't yet dyed our eggs.

I used Pier 1 eggs to show you how they will look. 

Pretty stinking cute huh?

Even if we decorate some less than attractive eggs, these cups will pretty them up!

I hope everyone has a good week preparing for your Easter fun!  Let's all remember what Easter is really about.

barbwired blessings to you all!


  1. Pretty stinkin cute is right! By the way, Pottery Barn had some really cute ideas for decorating eggs this year. Yay for Easter!

  2. Those are so darn cute!! How in the world did you ever make those bows!? You dod a wonderful job ♥
    Happy Easter!

  3. Cutest egg cup DIY EVER! They're positively wonderful!

  4. What a fun idea, these turned out beautiful!


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