Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It is a late posting today.  We had yet another snow day.  Why does it always seem when the kids are home from school that the M-O-M word becomes almost a bad thing?  I had to tell my son today that one Mom before each sentence was fine, that MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM was not necessary.  Some times less is definitely more.  LOL! 

However, it is the same with most things in our lives isn't it?  We need more than one pair of black shoes, pants or sweater.  Right?  One warm chocolate chip cookie never feels like it is satisfactory.  Or just try walking down the toy aisle with a child, one toy is not a concept most can grasp.  We are the great consumers of the world. 

I have been so very guilty of this concept.  Needing, (not just wanting, of course) the cutest outfit or precious tablecloth, and the rug for the living room...perfect!   Recently, the consumerism has come to a screeching halt in our home.   We have reduced to a one income family, thus making a new definition of 'necessity' for us. We are experiencing new avenues of entertainment.  We are exploring new arenas for shopping.  I think it has been good for us.  We used to eat out a lot.  Now home cooked meals are the norm.  We might even get healthier!  I make the assumption that my daughter and son enjoy having Mom home and accesible more, at least I hope.  I love being able to spend more time with them. 

Several things in our lives could probably be more enjoyable if we simplified them.  What if we tried to not go to every new movie and just played Scrabble at home?  I used to be a kitsch catcher.  I loved the knick knacks everywhere.  Now, off to consignment...Who needs to dust those things?  I want to clean out the clutter in my home and in my head and in my email and so on.  Simplify.... the very word sounds peaceful!


Now Sweeties!  It just does not get simpler than this! Since we did fake cupcakes, here is a quick easy and delicious real cupcake recipe.  

Our ingredients are: 

That is it.. a box of Devil's Food cake mix and a can of pumpkin. 

Dump them together and mix.  No eggs, no oil, no water.  Just the pumpkin and the mix. 

Put this THICK mixture in your muffin pans and bake at 350 degrees for the time allotted on the box.   

Watch your cupcakes they will appear dry on the top but will rise and crack.  I let ours just spring back to the touch.  Again, they do look dry but believe me... they are moist inside.  

You can frost them if you like.  We are good with them without anything on them.  I have made with chocolate chips placed in the mix and they are good.  I am sure you can come up with many more variations. 

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