Friday, February 11, 2011

Thank You Card

Not sure what happened with the last posting.  My pics and tutorial did not post.  So here is the tutorial that should have been on the posting.  

I created a Thank You card for all of those I knew had been praying for us recently.  Most especially those praying for my Rachel.  Here is what it looks like:
I had watercolor paper I purchased at Michael's on the buy one get one free sale.  I cut it into equal fourths. I then put a variation wash with watercolor on the paper.  Once this dried, I lettered it with a paint pen.  It looked like this:

I then took a giveaway magnet and cut small squares and glued them in the space between the lettering.  This will hold on our "Blessed" magnet later.
Then I just painted various hearts, vines and flower pots with the watercolors and waited for them to dry.  Once dry I used a permanent marker to line the different items and then cut them out.  I love the Micron pens. 

I used E6000 glue and placed the heart and vines in the flower pot on the card.  I have found that E6000 can hold anything and everything I have ever wanted it to.  It is my choice, I just wish I could find an fine attachment to go on the end for more precise gluing.  If anyone knows of me or comment please!

Tomorrow, we will work on the refrigerator magnet.  See you then!

Have a blessed day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Love, love my E6000! Good tutorial and cute idea.


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