Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Happy Wednesday barbwired besties!  Today we are going to do a reclaim craft.  I think it is lots of fun to find something interesting, quirky, or even ugly and make it great. 

I was at a Savers location and found a dingy daisy picture for $2.99.  I looked at it and walked on by, then I came back and thought the wicker frame was pretty interesting. 

I have to tell you I am pretty disappointed
that I have lost my before picture. 
Whine!  But alas, it is saved somewhere that I can not locate it. 
This is as close to a before picture as I can get. 
I had already applied some spray paint. 
It took a really good bleach bath before that. 
This thing was fairly nasty. 
The back of the picture says HOMCO. 
From research I can tell you it is about a 1970's piece. 

It is all one molded piece of plastic. 
Originally it was white wicker with the daisy print inside. 
I make a fun chalkboard out of this beauty in the rough. 
I decided on turquoise for the color.
(It also would have been fab in hot pink for a little girls room!) 

It has a deep ditch between the wicker and the pic. 
I taped off the area for the chalkboard paint.

I used this chalkboard paint. 
We had used it on the barbwired beauty's room redo. 
So, we had plenty left over. 

Even though I tried to be careful, the paint fell in to the ditch.

I had to decide what I was going to do about that!

But in the meantime, I wanted to wash the wicker to
bring out the variations. 
I thought about a antique wash, but was afraid it
would dirty it up too much. 
So, white wash seemed the way to go. 
I applied a mixture of white acrylic paint
and water and then wiped it off. 

As you can see, that step is really messy. 
Please just ignore those white washed hands!

I tried many options for the dirty ditch cover-up.
Ribbon was the best looking option. 
I applied a brown and blue polka dot ribbon to cover the mess ups. 

The ribbon also helped make it even cuter! 
This also gave me the idea for the chalk. 
 I used the same ribbon and threaded it through the wicker. 
 I used my Gator to attach a grommet to the ribbon. 
Then hot glued the ribbon to the chalk. 
I can simply attach another with the handy dandy hot glue gun. 

We are planning on hanging it in the kitchen to have it
available for grocery lists, notes, appointments and scriptures. 
It is such a change from the before. 
Again, I wish there was a before pic!! 

By the way, that scripture is near and dear to me! 

Let us never forget that sometimes, people need to be
reclaimed just like these dingy little pictures.  Maybe we
need to pick them up, help them clean up the messes
in their lives.  Give them a new perspective on life.
Maybe we need to do it for ourselves, or for someone
dear to us.  Reclaimed people can become just as beautiful
just as precious and useful.  Never forget to forgive and move
forward.  Create a new heart each day. 
Give it to God, He loves to reclaim hearts!

barbwired blessings to you all!!!!!!

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