Monday, March 28, 2011

The Results Are In

Welp, we went to the Pinewood Derby and brought home 3rd!  I am so proud of the barbwired boy!  Good sportsmanship, good competitor, just an all around good boy.  I may be a bit on the prejudice side...maybe.

It is always good when  you can be proud of your kiddos.  It is never good when you have your heart in a million pieces over bad choices they have made.  Last week was a  week of ups and downs.  Please pray for the barbwired bunch when you talk to the Big Guy. 

Enough of that negative!

Look what I found...a vintage chocolate sign.   What do you think?  Do you love it?

Ok, ok I have to fess up, I made it. 
Here is what it looked like BB (before bunny). 

I got two of these frames from a friend who was going to garage sale them. 
She thought maybe I could use them for something.  So price for frames, $0.

I took this frame apart and cleaned it up.

Then I went to Graphics Fairy.  LOVE your site by the way! 
You can find it here.  I was able to find these darling little images.

and I then found this image of a stamp

I took the glass from the frame and laid it on my light box. 
I then positioned the first image under the glass and taped it all down. 
I began tracing the image with brown and copper acrylic paint . 
 I did this in a reverse image. 
Outlining the basic image first, then going in to add the shading. 

I did not want all of the image, so I only traced the area that I did want. 
Once that was traced I painted in the colors.  
Next, I removed the first image and added the picture of the bunny. 
I centered it in the frame created by the previous image. 
 I did the same steps, outlining then coloring. 

Finally, I placed the advertising lettering under the glass in reverse. 
This way the lettering would not be backward. 
For this, I used paint pens of black and brown. 

Once all the paint was dry, I chose a paper from this
Martha Stewart collection as the background.

I cleaned the glass around the image
and placed it on the paper and reassembled the frame. 

It was a fairly quick project once I chose the graphics. 
I did not exactly following the lines, so that freed up some stress of being perfect. 
I wish I could free hand these things, but since I can't, I'll trace.  LOL

I thought I would hang it with some ribbon.
I even made a ribbon flower that coordinates. 
Then (cause I can't figure out when to stop)
I added some small ribbon flowers to embellish the frame.

Now this makes me want a real chocolate bunny!

I attempted to look up the translation of the french advertisement. 
 I can't get all of it, but it says something about Payraud Cocoa, Take 'lunch in sheets.
Product has no rival.  Something like that... if I have any friends
who can translate it, comment please. 

Barbwired Blessings to you !

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  2. Neat! I really thought it was vintage. I like the Graphis Fairy too. Soo much cool stuff. Like this! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow what a creative genius...Happy 2nd time around Tuesday.

    Mine is here

  4. This is beautiful! I love reverse painting on glass. I love the look of it and it is fun to do. This turned out so well.

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  6. Oh my gosh I want it!!! ;) This is fabulous and so, so creative!!
    (found you on the Someday Crafts wed linky!)

  7. So pretty. I really like it, but don't think I could do a project like that. It seems a little difficult, but so creative.

  8. Wow, what a steady hand you have! Thanks for linking up!


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